Acordia (Indorado x Marlon)Acordia (Indorado x Marlon)

Acordia (Indorado x Marlon)

2005 Bay Keur Dutch Mare
Now competing in Switzlerland with a young rider

Acordia was High point and star mare now from the Sleen, NL mare test with 80.5 overall points.

Walk 7 Trot 7.5 Balance 8, Canter 8.5 Reflex 8 Tech 7.5 Power 8.5 Character 9
Work Ability 8 Potential 8 Overall conformation 7.5 Movement 7.5 and Jump 8

Accordia comes from the fabulous Indorado sire whose frozen semen is not available in America.  Indorado is producing top jumpers and dressage horses.  He was 10th in the Bundeschampionat in the finals and went on to be a super Grand Prix stallion competing and winning 1st in Royal, 3rd in Den Bosch, 5th in Lugano, 6th in the Derby of Bern and best horse of the competition, 8th in Leisele, 4th in Roggel and 6th in Royan.  His offspring are competing super at Grand Prix too.  VDL Oranta has long shined in the Grand Prix ring in Europe and now ridden by Chris Kappler in America, Also, riding Indorado offspring are Laura Kraut on May, and Norman Dello Jojo on Mila.

Acordia comes from the Holsteiner Stam 1907, Many Holsteiner approved stallions come from this line including; Landmeister, Consul (Cottage Son xx), Corso (Calypso II), Davis (Deadly Nightsahde xx), Antimon (Anilin), Cascaron (Contender), Capitol (Cor de la Bryere), Fiorello (Farnese), Cunningham (Cassini I), Windsor I and Windsor II, Cosmas (Condus) and many many more. Also, this line produced the approved Oldenburg Stallion Sandro King and the approved Dutch and Holsteiner stallion Colino who received a 10 for course jumping and the approved Holsteiner stallion Fiorello. Also coming from this motherline is the approved Westfalen stallions Lord Farm and Lord Orion. The list goes on!

17 hands

Corrado I (Holst)

Cor de La Bryere (Holst)

v. Rantzau xx
m. Quenotte SF

Soleil  (Holst)

v. Capitol I (Holst)
m. Kuerette (Holst)

Aida (Holst)

Ahorn Z (Hann)

v. Alme
m Heureka (Holst)

Tresse (Holst)

v. Caletto I (Holst)
m. Kokarde SPS (Holst)



Nurzeus (Zues)

v. Arlequine x
m Urielle (SF)


v. Ramiro 16-2 PREFERENT


Acord II (Holst)

v. Ahorn Z (Hann)
m. Ribecka (Holst)

Batavia III (Holst)

v. D. Nightshade xx
m. Marina (Holst)

Acordia's Offspring

Eldorado MG (Zavall - Indorado - Marlon) Bay Colt, born March 11, 2009 in Holland

Congrats to VDL Stud in Holland on their purchase of Eldorado MG!

4-2-09 Picture! VDL has taken Eldorado MG now to 3 stallion shows to show him off!

Eldorado MG (Zavall - Indorado)

Eldorado (Zavall - Indorado - Marlong Eldorado (Zavall - Indorado - Marlon)

Eldorado MG (Zavall - Indorado - Marlon) Eldorado MG (Zavall - Indorado - Marlon) Eldorado MG (Zavall - Indorado - Marlon)