Carosso VDL
(Cassini I x Linaro x Caletto II)

Approved: Zangersheide Studbook Number: Holst 421000209704
Born: 2004 , Color: Gray , Height: 174cm (17-1 hands)

Carosso VDL (Cassini I x Lindaro)

The sire of Carosso, Cassini I, competed at Grand Prix level and has proven himself in breeding. He is sire to top sport horses like Cumano and Berlin. Grand sire Linaro was Champion of Holsteiner approvals, this Landgraf I son is a member of the very famous Holsteiner mareline, 18A2. Caletto II has huge influence in the Holsteiner breeding by producing stars like Classic Touch and Caretino. Laertes is one of the first approved sons of Ladykiller xx and descends from the famous mareline 242.
Very interesting is that we find Caletto II twice in Carosso’s pedigree, first as grandfather of Cassini I and also as father of Carosso’s grandmother.
Carosso’s grand dam produced two S and M horses and also his Great Grand Dam produced a S jumper.
Carosso is a stallion with length and height. He jumps with unlimited scope and a good technique. Carosso has competed at his first shows and proves our high expectations.
The first foals of Carosso show height, length and elasticity.
Carosso meets the PROK criteria for the KWPN.
Carosso: Height, Length and Scope.

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