(Chin Chin - Acobat II - Alasca - Farnese - Ladykiller xx)
Approved: Holstein, Hanoverian , Studbook Number: 421000680206, Predicate:
Born: 2005, Color: Black , Height: 168cm (16-3 hands)

Classe (Chin Chin x Acobat II) Classe (Chin Chin x Acobat II)

Classe (Chin Chin x Acobat II)

Classe is a modern, long legged and refined black stallion with a powerful canter, lots of scope, great reflexes and extra technique.

Sire and Dam of Classe are born from a top breeding and sport family. Some examples from this fatherline are Cantus and Collin.

Sire Chin Chin competed at two Olympic Games, a World Championship and a World Cup Final and his offspring compete at Grand Prix level. Some very well known offspring are Querly Chin, Tabelle van Sombeke and Tedechine Sept. Also in recent breeding Chin Chin is doing extreme well. In three breeding seasons in Holland he has produced five approved sons, national champion mares and several champion foals.

The father line consists of proven sires and two thoroughbreds: Chin Chin, Accobat II, Alasca, Farnese, Ladykiller xx and Garner xx.

Classe 's mother is a States Premium mare that received a 9 for her "Veldprufung" and for jumping she scored a 9,5. Grandmother and Great-Grandmother are also Stat Premium mares. Great Grandmother Novella is the mother of the Sire Landadel.

Landadel produced many approved stallions and International jumpers and that made him a great influence on German sport horse breeding. Novella is also grandmother to the international jumper Sulver (M. Fuchs) and the legend Calvaro (W. Mellinger). More examples of this very strong mareline are th international jumpers Colibri and Cortina.

Classe stole the heart of the breeders at the Holsteiner stallion approvals and was one of the favourites of the spectators and judges.

Classe: The name says it all!

Classe jumping at the VDL Stallion show 2011 and a foal

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