(Cardento - Grosso Z - Goldfasan - Lukas)

Approved: SWA Studbook Number: Westfalen 411546706
Born: 2006 Color: Gray Height: 172cm (17-0 hands)

Corporal (Cardento - Grosso Z)
Corporal (Cardento - Grosso Z)
Corporal (Cardento - Grosso Z)
Corporal (Cardento - Grosso Z)
Corporal (Cardento - Grosso Z)

Father Cardento won three times a silver medal at the European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games and top supplier of Grand Prix show jumpers such as Matrix, Cafino and Nice Stephanie. Grosso Z grandfather topped many charts like Gold Fever by Ludger Beerbaum. In the third generation we see Goldfasan making the Hanoverian performance combination twice 'G' blood completely.

Corporal is a well developed stallion who got high marks in his performance test in 2011. He jumps with a lot of power and technique. He received a 9.5 in jumping technique and capacity, and 9.5 for temperament and development potential. His translated stallion test can be viewed here. Detailed BLUP in Sweden.

Corporal is one of the most talked about jumpers at international competitions. Under his Swedish rider Malin Bayard Johnson he makes a great impression and have already achieved a number of high placings. He was 6th in the GP Stockholm, 3rd in the Masters Stockholm and 2nd in the GP Sundbyholm. He also was among others 5th London 1.50m, 1.45m Stockholm 6th, 7th 1.40m Arezzo, 7th 1.40m Gothenburg, Stockholm 8th 1.40m, 1.45m Oslo 8th, 9th 1.40m Arezzo, Arezzo 9th 1.45m, 1.50m 10th Stuttgart etc. as a young horse Corporal was 2nd in the Champion of the Youngsters in Stockholm, 4th in the Championship for 7-year-olds in Falsterbo. As a 5-year-old, he finished 6th in the Swedish Championship and the 6-year-old he won the final of the Swedish Open Championship at Falsterbo.

Corporal is the no. 1 horse Malin Baryard in 2016. They are part of a select group focusing on possible participation in the 2016 Olympics ..
The first offspring of Corporal make much impression. They are appealing horses that have a lot of power and have an extra good technique of the hindquarters when jumping.
Corporal meets the PROK and scoping criteria for the KWPN.
Corporal: full belief in building up the great work.


Olympic 1.6m jumper

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