Falaise de Muze
(Wandor van de Mispelaere - Nabab de Reve - Chin Chin)

Approved: KWPN, Zang, Hann Studbook Number: W-244516-BWP STB
Born: 2005, Color: Chestnut , Height: 167cm (16-2 hands)

Falaise de Muze (Wandor vd Mispelaere x Nabab de Reve - Chin Chin)
Falaise de Muze (Wandor vd Mispelaere x Nabab de Reve - Chin Chin)

Falaise de Muze (Wandor vd Mispelaere x Nabab de Reve - Chin Chin)In international sports Falaise de Muze shows all capacities for the highest level and he has not a stranger. Father Wandor of Mispelaere under Richard Spooner and Grant Wilson rode to the international top and is increasingly surfacing as the father of Grand Prix horses like Goja, Ayade the Septon HDC and Evita of the Field Service. Nabab de Reve grandfather and great-grandfather Chin Chin among the best sires of their generations and are essential for breeding. Also indispensable is Falaise's grandmother Qerly Chin, who was successful at the highest level himself under Christophe Barbeau and the foundation was an endless list of world class players such as Vagabond de la Pomme, Ensor the Litrange, Diablesse the Muse, Sterrehof's Ushi, Estoy Aqui the Muse HDC and the famous Walnut de Muze. The horse of Harrie Smolders Walnut de Muze, in turn, is the mother of Falaise de Muze. Falaise de Muze was the 5-year-old finalist at the World Championships in Lanaken. Under Annelies Vorsselmans.

Falaise de Muze performed great at the international level and he achieved impressive results up to 1.50 m level. Time and again this fox showed his great institution, reflexes and athletic ability. These characteristics Falaise de Muze gives also to his extra-catching offspring. Thus, this year for the prestigious WEF Sport Horse Auction selected two offspring of Falaise, namely Garfield ES and ES Countess. Earlier KWPN stallions were nominated talented UK, Freestyle Z and Happy Feet WD. And lastyear the descendants of Falaise de Muze made an excellent impression on the KWPN stallion selection and three sons earned a ticket to the second round in Den Bosch. Falaise's offspring impresses with unlimited power, additional reflexes and a fantastic rideability and attitude.

Jumping Index: 165.

Falaise de Muze, a stallion in the making of one of the world's best mother lines.

Wandor van de Mispelaere (BWP)
ELITE, BWP_Ambassadeur
Jumped 1.60m

Landor S (OLD)
Jumped 1.50m

Landadel (Holst

Landgraqf (Holst)

SPS Novella (Holst)

Fureida II (Old) SPS Elite

Godehard (Hann)

Fureida (OLD) Elite

Sister Pleasure Mispelaere (BWP)
Jumped 1.35m

For Pleasure (Hann)
Jumped 1.60m

Furioso II (SF)

Gigantin (Hann)

Joke van de Mispelaere
Jumped 1.35m

Lugano van la Roche (Hann) BWP Ambassador

Florentina (BWP)

Exquis Walnut de Muze (BWP)
Jumped 1.60m

Nabab de Reve (BWP)
Jumped 1.60m

Quidam de Revel (SF)
Jumped 1.60m

Jalisco B (SF)
Jumped 1.6m

Dirka (SF) Elite
Jumped 1.6m

Melodie en Fa (SF)

Artichaut (SF)

Caravelle (SF)

Qerly Chin (BWP)
Jumped 1.60m

Chin Chin (Holst)
Jumped 1.60m

Constant (Holst)
Jumped 1.5m

Larese (Holst) SPS

Kerly (BWP)
Jumped 1.60m

Pachat II (SF)
Jumped 1.5m

Goya (BWP)
Jumped 1.4m

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