FARRINGTON KEUR (Wellington - Doruto - Selim)
Approved: KWPN, Canadian Warmblood, Canadian Sporthorse, BWP, Westfalen for Westfalen & Rhineland mares, Swedish for Swedish mares Studbook Number: 87.3511, Born: May 12, 1987, Color: Dark Chestnut, Height: 170cm (16-3 hands) (Deceased 2014). Frozen available

2010 Pineland Stallion Show Photos
Farrington Keur (Wellington x Doruto)
Farrington Keur (Wellington x Doruto)Farrington Keur (Wellington x Doruto)

2009 Pineland Stallion Show Photos

Farrington (Wellington - Doruto)Farrington(Wellington - Doruto)
Farrington (Wellington - Doruto)

Farrington in Hand, Riding as a youngster

Keur stallion PROVEN to produce Grand Prix Dressage Horses!

Farrington comes from a sound well-bred family. Farrington is one of the few Dutch stallions with the famous dressage stallion Doruto in his blood.  Doruto sired many top dressage horses including Olympic Barbria, Chevalier, Ideaal, etc.

His sire Wellington is well known as a producer of quality movement in his offspring, siring dressage horses like Bollvorms Ceylon and Luxaflex.Due to the fracture in his leg, Farrington was not able to perform in the sport.

His offspring perform very well. This appears from the successful participation of various progeny at the Pavo Cup and from his dressage index.

Farrington has been awarded the Keur Predicate by the KWPN in 2002.  This is a high honor for a stallion indication he is a producer of good performance horses.

Due to a fracture in his leg, Farrington was not able to perform in the sport, which is a pity because of the great talent he possesses. During his Stallion Test he received an eight for his basic gaits and 9 in temperament.

His daughter Perry became Dutch reserve-champion of the 3 year old mares.

His offspring perform very well in the sport, resulting in his high index. His progeny have placed high in the Pavo Cup, and many of them are already performing at the Prix St. George level, such as Limited Edition.

Farrington sires horses with a willing character and 3 excellent strong gaits. These are the requirements for top performances in dressage and you see that his offspring compete to the highest levels of Dressage proving it!


Check out Farrington at his BWP inspection at 21 years old!

  • NEDA Futurity All offspring from Farrington up to the age 3 are eligible for the NEDA $5400 Futurity Prize by entering the NEDA Fall Breed Show in their age class. The New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Fall Festival USDF Breed Show offers breeders and owners a total of $11,400.00 in prize money through our Breeder Sweepstakes, Born in American and Stallion Futurity Purses. The total Purse Money is distributed as follows: $1,250 Cash Awards in Qualifying Classes ~ $5,400 New England Sport Horse Breeder’s Futurity $2,400 Born in America Awards ~ $2,100 NEDA Breeders Sweepstakes ~ $300 Three Year Old Prospect Award.

    Only offspring of stallions donated to the NEDA Stallion Auction are eligible to win a part of the $5,400.00 Stallion Futurity Purse. Offspring must compete in their age appropriate Sporthorse Prospect Qualifying Class on Thursday, September 18th for their scores to be entered into purse eligibility. The Qualifying Class Scores determine Futurity Placing. Prizes are awarded in the Breed ring on Friday. Horses/Representative must be present at the awards ceremonies to receive Cash Awards. More information can be found on the Futurity page at the NEDA Fall Show site.
  • Farrington playing in the first snow here on Valentines day 2007. Looking pretty good for 20 years old and had a broken hind leg when he was 5.....

    farrington farrington farringtonfarrington farrington farringtonfarrington farrington farringtonfarrington canter


    Stallion of the Century

    Farn Keur Preferent

    Fax I (Holst)

    Dorette (Holst)

    Ramonaa Ster

    Koridon xx

    Friedhilde II Preferent

    Keur Preferent

    Lucky Boy xx

    Compromise xx

    Sejane xx

    Eritama Ster

    Romeo Preferent

    Wilma Ster



    Komet (Trak)

    Goldregen (Trak)

    Kokette (Trak)

    Blitzlicht II (Trak)

    Pindar xx

    Blitzrot (Trak)

    Ster Preferent

    Selim Keur


    Nellie Keur


    Wachtmeester Preferent

    Anetty Ster

    Farrington is a super stallion for dressage.  He received high marks on all 3 gaits 8.5 walk, 8 trot and 8 for canter.  And a character of 9.  He was described in his testing that the work was easy for him and he was very willing to work.  We have seen that in his offspring here too.  Uloma, Vermouth and Uno have all been super characters and big strong fancy movers.   In Holland he has so far received 41 star mares, 23 keur mares and 1 preferent mare. For colts, he has had 22 1st round stallions, 2 2nd round stallions and 3 third round stallions. All indicating star or better!

    Farrington has a high dressage index of 129 in 2007.  He brings the famous Doruto bloodlines who produced top dressage horses as Olympic Barbria, Chevalier and Ideaal.  His sire Wellington also well known as producing great movers like Ceylon and Luxaflex.

    His daughter Perrey was the  Dutch Reserve Champion of 3 year olds and Theadra was National Reserve Champion of the Keur and Elite mares.  He has many offspring showing at the upper levels of dressage including Limited Edition and Michigan.  After the stallion testing, Farrington himself had an unfortunate accident fracturing his hind leg, so he was unable to perform in sport.  But, he has proved himself as a dressage sire and the KWPN recognized him with the prestigious predicate of KEUR.

    Farrington is a 16-3 dark chestnut stallion with good bone.  He crosses well with thoroughbred and warmblood mares.  Email me if you'd like to know if Farrington would cross well with your mare. If your looking for a good solid dressage stallion with 3 strong gaits and good character, consider Farrington. 

    Listed in the USDF Dressage Sires since he is producing Horse of the Year offspring!  Farrington is one of VDLs most desirable successful sires in USA.  He produces super temperaments, big boned offspring with very big powerful gaits.  He crosses well with mares that you want to improve on temperament, suppleness, freedome of shoulder, action and powerful gaits for dressage.

    Farrington Offspring in Holland

    Zoe Florence by Farrington

    Zoe Florence (Farrington - Florestan I - Bold Indian xx) 2004 mare, 16-2

    Zoe Florence was champion of her Keuring and her Central Keuring. She is provisional Keur and already passed her PROK xrays, so will become Keur once she does a stations mare test or IBOP. She received the high scores at her keuring of:

    Conformation 85 and Movement 90
    Walk 85
    Trot 90
    Canter 80
    Dressage Potential 90

    Zoe Florence is qualified to compete at the Mare Show in Ermelo in August 2007.

    Michigan (Farrington x Apollonios xx)

    Bought in 2005 by Iron Spring Farm and shown by Catherine Malone.  Winner of the FEI Young Rider Competition!

    The dam sire Apollonios is thoroughbred, so you can see how nice Farrington crosses with thoroughbred lines.

    Limited Edition (Farrington x President)

    In 2005 the gelding Limited Edition competed at Intermediare I in his Kur Jan 30 2005 he received a high score of 73%

    Sibald (Farrington x Balzflug)

    This fabulous stallion made it to the 3rd round of the stallion selections.  

    Warette (Farrington x Caretino)

    1st Premium at the Central Keuring

    Selected and Sold at the Prestigious Prinsjesdag Foal Auction in Holland

    Owned by Joyce Owen, Aberdeen Scotland

    Olando (Farrington) Arain Nyhuis-Fitzpatrick competing Grand Prix Dressage on Dutch stallion, 'Olando' by Farrington in the Australian Sports Commission FEI Grand Prix CDI/W

    Foals by Farrington in the USA

    Uloma - 2001 Mare (Farrington x Goodtimes) : Filly born March 5, 2001 out of the imported keur mare Miloma.  This is one of the best mare lines in Holland.  Producing many top stallions and mares.  They don't get much better than this.  Miloma earned her keur predicate through sport at M level dressage.  Uloma's sire Farrington is an oustanding dressage sire and one of only a few sires with the famous Doruto blood.  This filly is strong and athletic.  She shows a lot of power behind, superior movement, gorgeous neck set and shoulder. Uloma was 6th out of 29 foals in the Dutch class in Devon and 1st premuim at the Dutch keuring in 2001.  The KWPN dutch inspector remarked she is very powerful behind, with nice long lines and gaits.  In 2002 she was 1st place of the yearlings and Reserve Champion at the NEDA show for fillies and qualified for the Devon finals.  Uloma has entered out breeding program in 2004.  She is expecting a foal by Flemmingh and then will go back under saddle and trail for the Young Horse FEI tests.

    Uno - 2001 Colt (Farrington x Ferro) This fabulous dressage gelding is now owned by Merry Bowman (KS).  Look for Uno and Merry at the dressage shows.  Colleen started Uno here at Majestic Gaits and was sorely missed as he was one of the easiest and nicest horses to work with and showed a lot of talent.

    Vermouth - 2002 Colt (Farrington x Goodtimes) Now owned by Paul Cormier (MA).  This fabulous young stallion comes out of our Keur Elite mare Miloma and is a full sibling to Uloma.  Vermouth was shown successfully in hand in 2004 by Paul with many ribbons and Championships.  Look for Paul and Vermouth in the dressage shows in the future.

    Vpop (Farrington x Houston x G.Ramiro Z), colt at 3 weeks old bred by Prima Equestrian in Canada. 

    Zorro LAN (Farrington x Flemmingh)  2 year old imported gelding imported and sold at Majestic Gaits

    Allure (Farrington x Rampal) 2005 bred by Barb Sudomier. First premium KWPN filly. Allure (Farrington x Rampal)

    Bourbon Street, born March 21, 2006 out of Ugot Swing Babe (Ferro x Jambalaya Pref).  He has a good walk and strong trot and a very well-built body.  His very alert attitude gives him good presence.  This was the first foal born after Farrington was imported in 2005 to stand for fresh semen.  Sandi was waiting for Farrington to get out of quarantine and was first in line.  What a super colt and bred for top in the dressage sport by the Keur stallion Farrington and dam by the Preferent stallion Ferro both breeding for top dressage sport horses that have the ability to go to Grand Prix.  He is for sale.  Contact Sandi Lieb at Lieb@animal.ufl.edu

    Broadway HR (Farrington x Troy xx)  2006 colt For Sale, contact Shana Howell at info@hiwanranch.com


    Carrinton colt by Farrington. Born in 2007. Congrats to Leanne Peniuk. carrington
    Charleston . (Farrington x Ferro x Apple King xx) colt born in 2007. Congrats to Lisa Shaul (NY). charleston charlestoncanter

    2007 Fabulous Grey Colt (Farrington x Amiego (Trak)) Congrats to Beverley Hilton (Ontario)


    farrington colt

    Cydney (Farrington x Neostan x Belisar) Born 5-23-07 "He is a lovely colt with a very sweet temperment. My only regret is that he isn't a filly. He is a lovely mover with lots of power and use of his topline." For Sale, contact Jan Downs-Barrett jdb18@verizon.net

    cydney by farrington cydney by farrington cydney by farrington
    Beautiful 2007 colt by Farrington. Offered for sale. Contact Rosa King rosaking@earthlink.net Farrington colt
    Fatima (Farrington x Deutschmeister) .This horse has the most amazing movement. Located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia ,Canada. Contact Ines Stone steinbergstables@yahoo.ca farrington filly
    Congrats to Darla d'Agay (CA) and her new Farrington colt. Dam is 1st time mom Zstar (Darwin x Flemmingh). Dam line from Holland has many horses of both genders in sport and granddam Duberta (Visent) is Keur Prestatie with 7 offspring (so far) who have competed in dressage from L1 through ZZ levels, including 2 at Prix St Georges or higher (NDH).  We bred this foal specifically with the dressage competitor in mind as a prospect whose parentage signifies temperament, trainability and talent. The dam has a wonderful temperament, so this was not a pairing where "cooling" the dam's temperament was required. We are so pleased to see that this colt already shows his aptitude for moving with his hind legs well under himself and in an uphill manner, with steadiness and cadence. Not only that, he is very correct in his conformation. We are very pleased with him.. For Sale. Video Link. Contact Darla d'Agay cardonejohn@yahoo.com.
    Darlington (Farrington - Darwin)
    Sizarma (Farrington x Heirarch)

    Check out Sizarma H Keur Elite (Farrington x Heirarch)
    2003 Highest Scoring Mare Dressage IBOP, 2004 USDF Horse of the Year Champion Materiale, 2005 USDF KWPN All Breeds Champion 1st Level 2006 Working 4th Level training Prix St Georges rider/owner Dan Ruediger Sonnenberg Farm www.sonnenberg.us

    Video link Check out this video to see what kind of top horses Farrington produces!


    Zen Rosa (Farrington x Jazz)

    Congrats to Dan Ruediger of Sonngenberg Farm (OR) on their purchase of Zen Rosa (Farrington x Jazz x Purioos)


    Farrington x Ferro Wilamehna ( Farrington x Ferro) 5 year old mare. SOLD.
    Picture coming soon

    Debonair (Farrington x Rubenstein ) 2008 colt Bred and owned by Merry Bowman (KS)

    1st Premium KWPN-NA Keuring, Judges said standing in front of them, he takes your breath away.

    Borg (Farrington - Rampal) Borg (Farrington - Rampal) 2006 gelding bred and owned by Barb Sudomier out of her mare Kiev by Rampal.
    Emora MG (Farrington-Flemmingh)

    Emora MG (Farrington - Flemming) 2009 Filly bred by Majestic Gaits She is very friendly and a super top mover. Farrington and Flemmingh are a very proven cross. Watch the video on her web page. WOW. We want the colt version of this for a stallion prospect and happily the mare is back in foal! woohoo! Presale of a filly only available.

    2009 filly (Farrington - Arcaro) Congrats to Jennifer Verhulst (Ontario) on her new filly. Jennifer reports "We are very happy with her, very correct and strong right from day one.  She has a lovely personality, very friendly and social."

    For sale contact Jennifer.

    Farrington x arcola

    Limestone Willow (Farrington - Facet x Apollonios xx) 6 year old bred by Limestone Farm and owned by Katelyn Murnaghan (Canada)

    From Katelyn: "I bought Willow April of 2008 from Limestone Stables  as a 5 year old. Willow had never been on a trailer, lunged and needless to say, wasn’t broke when I bought her and she has been an absolute dream! She now trailers, lunges, and is a fabulous ride. I have ridden/broke many horses (mostly Dutch Warmbloods and Hanoverians) and she is one of the nicest horses I’ve ever ridden (I might be bias as she belongs to me ).

    At her first Hunter Show and Event – which were held this past June, we were Champion at both shows. She absolutely LOVES to please! She’s not exactly a hunter due to her high head carriage, however she has great  rhythm, a massive stride, and a very nice jump. I think she would do quite well in Dressage and Eventing however, I do not enjoy showing these disciplines. We school plenty of dressage and my coach jokes about “stealing” her as her next dressage mount. She reached a score of 70% in the dressage phase.

    My hopes for her in the future are Jumpers and Medals although we will have to see what she excels in down the road – and what she enjoys the most."

    Encore (Farrington - Idocus) Encore (Farrington - Idocus) Encore (Farrington x Idocus) Encore (Farrington x Idocus) Encore (Farrington x Idocus) Congrats to Lisa Rago (CA) on her new filly. Lisa reports "Super cute and fancy filly by Farrington out of Vianna. It is already easy to tell that she will be a top FEI horse!"
    Farrington x Ferro Farrington x Ferro colt. Congrats to Lana Sneddon on breeding this fabulous colt! Super nice conformation.
    Pictures coming...

    Farrington x Geronimo D (SF)

    Congrats to Sue Nedelman (NH) on her fabulous new Farrington colt born July 9, 2009. Sue reports "I love his markings, very unique.  Great personality.  Confident and friendly.   I can't stop admiring his physique, very Farrington!" For Sale contact Sue.

    Dartonian (Farrington x Damiro)

    D'Artagnon (Farrington x Damiro)
    Bred by Mary Fabish out of a keur elite mare, with her sport predicate in dressage ( Damiro x Bergerac). Superb mover, big elastic gaits. Excellent mind on this colt, very trainable.

    FOR SALE: Contact Mary Fabish (MI)

    Enya (Farrington - Regardez) Enya (Farrington - Regardez) 2009 Filly bred by Cynthia Adams of Olds, Alberta, Canada.   Enya placed 3rd at the CWHBA Open Foal class.  Some of the comments that the inspector made include: "Feminine filly.  Balanced, light up in front. Nice shoulder.  Movement has good engagement"  Enya is currently offered for sale.  cynthia@wildroseequineservices.com