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(Lacapo - Carnaval - Lorenz - Nautilus xx)

Approved: KWPN, Oldenburg GOV, AHHA, Swedish for Swedish mares, ISR upon payment of activation (email Kathy for information)
Studbook Number: 87.8107 Stb (ex 21.00651.87 Holst), Predicate: Keur, Preferent
Born: April 24, 1987, Color: Bay, Height: 170cm (16-3 hands)

USEF #1 Dressage Sire 2006 & 2007! Flemmingh is our biggest selling sire.  He produces big, long lined modern type offspring with superior characters and work ethics with big fancy movement.  The KWPN has named him the highest ranking of Preferent for his contribution to the Dutch Warmbloo breeding in Holland.  The offspring are highly succesful in dressage an any levels and very saleable.

Besides Flemmingh, his dam sired three other approved sons: Gaspari I and II and the Holstein Champion Litorio.

Flemmingh sires beautiful, big, long-lined horses with three perfect gaits. This is proven by the great number of Ster and Keur mares, champion foals and dressage performance horses.

Flemmingh is the sire of many selection champions: Kwebbel, Reserve Champion UTV and the highest IBOP of the Netherlands with 90 points; Likina Field, Reserve Champion UTV; Kevanie, UTV Reserve Champion; Rilena, Reserve Champion of Holland and Champion of Europe; Sarina, Champion of Friesland; Silvita, Reserve Champion of Friesland; Sivemmie, Champion of Groningen; and Sigranta, Champion of Overijssel, Tola highest IBOP of NAWPN 2005 and #1 in the DG Bar Cup for 5-years old horses, Up to Date one of the best 4 year old KWPN dressage horses in USA 2005 and finally, Astrid de la Cornilliere Foal Champion of Zeeland.

The approved stallions; Krack C, Santino and Lingh are some of the most famous Flemmingh sons. This year one of his sons was placed 5th in the finals for dressage of the KWPN approvals.

His offspring are performing very well at the National and International dressage shows. His son Lingh, ridden by Edward Gal, was Reserve Champion of Holland, he won the World Cup in Amsterdam and was Reserve Champion at the World Cup Final in Las Vegas, where he was the crowd favourite. He won and placed in several other Grand Prix and World Cup qualifiers. He was also a member of the Dutch team at the European Championship. Flemmingh’s approved son Krack C has also won several Grand Prix and was the best KWPN dressage horse during the World Championship in Jerez 2002. Krack C won the Grand Prix Special in ’s Hertogenbosch and became the Dutch Dressage Champion of 2006. Also very successful is BeSe, ridden by Catherina Morelli, who won the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix at the International Horse Show in Palm Beach. And Melvin, who is with Imke Schellekens-Bartels, has already placed 2nd twice in a Grand Prix and was 4th at the Dutch Championship 2006.

The foals of Flemmingh are very much in demand by dressage riders, trainers and dealers because they are very eager learners, like to work and move very easy and well.

Dressage index: 127.

Flemmingh is an internationally appreciated dressage stallion

Lacapo (Holst)

Landgraf I (3919 Holst)

Ladykiller xx

Sailing Light xx

Lone Beech xx

Warthburg (3209 Holst)

Aldato (3776 Holst)

Schneenelke (3245 Holst)

Larsa (6141 Holst)

Capitano (3986 Holst)

Corporal (3864 Holst)

Retina (4224 Holst)

Sarbit (4601 Holst)

Galvani (3671 Holst)

Vorr (7149 Holst)

Texas (3558 Holst)
STAM 3558

Carneval (6145 Holst)

Cor de la Bryere (3981 Holst) (SF)

Rantzau xx

Quenotte (SF)

Assa (3503 Holst)

Farnese (3804 Holst)

Gentina (1288 Holst)

Ledusa (2037 Holst)

Lorenz (4022 Holst)

Ladykiller xx (3847 Holst)

Babusa (3663 Holst)

Edusa (4482 Holst)

Nautilus xx (3783 Holst)

Kerbe (1652 Holst)

Foals by Flemmingh born in the America....

Uniblab (Flemmingh x Glenridge)  Bred by Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits.  Now owned by Donna Nita, SC.

Flemmingh filly bred and owned by Carrie O'Brien (OR). Reserve Champion ISR/Oldenburg Inspection August 2004.

Anandi MG - 2005 Colt (Flemmingh KEUR x Farrington KEUR)  Bred by Majestic Gaits out of Uloma. Prepurchased and owned by Gayle Ford (CO).

Beneventian MG (Flemmingh x Wellington)Jan, 22 2010 with Nicole!

Beneventian MG - 2006 Colt (Flemmingh KEUR x Zeoliet KEUR) Bred by Majestic Gaits and now owned by Nicole Tatusko (GA).

Bada Bingh (Flemmingh x Orame) Congrats to the Cynthia Johnson (NE) on her new filly.  Shown here at 5 days old.

Forrest (Flemmingh x Lorentin) Yearling colt for sale.  AHHA registered, out of my imported dam "Reicha" (Lorentin/Cordelabryere/Cobalt).  She was top mare on the AHHA inspection tour in 2004 with 53 bonits as a 3 year old. Contact Darlene Mardock eves: 503-843-0953, days:503-550-9664. 

Bella Notte (Flemmingh x Dederick. 2006 filly. Congrats to Laura Trumbower

Bekkah (Flemmingh x Nicholas) 2006 filly.  Congrats to Laura Trumbower.

flemmingh x dederick Bella Note (Flemmingh x Dederick) went to her second Hunter Breeding show Feb 2008, The Cupid Classic, In Aiken, SC where she won her age group, and was Best Young Horse. Congrats to Laura Trumbower
Ellington Ellington Ellington (Flemmingh - LeFeu) colt born June 5, 2009.out of Valentine For II. - Congrats to Gene Fletcher (NY) on his new colt. Gene reports "He is very supple and has a wonderful freedom about him"

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