Glasgow van het Merelnest
(Nabab de Reve - Darco - Hedjas)
Approved: AES, NRPS , Studbook Number: BWP 06.19948
Born: 2006, Color: Bay, Height: 1.72m (17-0)

Glasgow van het Merelnest (Flipper d'Elle - Emilion - Nimmerdor)
Glasgow van het Merelnest (Flipper d'Elle - Emilion - Nimmerdor)
Glasgow jumping at VDL Stallion Show 2011 and foal

Glasgow is an exceptional interesting bred stallion. Sire Nabab de Reve and grand sire Darco both, have performed on the highest level in Grand Prix, Worldcup’s and World championships. In breeding, both Stallions are highly placed at the World Rankings and they are sire to many top horses.
Glasgow van ’t Merelnest has a fantastic damline; mother Wendelina jumps at International Grand Prix level with rider Marc van Dijk. Wendelina is the full sister to Sapphire, the succesfull jumper of McLain Ward. Sapphire won 2 Olympic Gold Medals for the American Team and won also several Grand Prix like Calgary and Wellington. Grandmother Chiquita brought also the Internationa jumpers: Lapino, Qarco van ’t Merelnest en Vincenzo van ’t Merelnest. From this family are also the approved Stallions Pikör and Edjaz van ’t Merelnest.

Nabab de Reve (SF)
International Jumping 1.6m

Quidam de Revel (SF)
International Jumping 1.6m

Jalisco B (SF)
International Jumping 1.6m

Alme Z International Jumping 1.6m
Tanagra (SF)

Dirka (SF)

Nankin (SF)
Ondine de Baugy (SF)

Melodie en Fa (SF)

Artichaut (SF)

Pierreville (SF)
Jariose (SF)

Caravelle (SF)

Bel Avenir (SF)
Univers (SF)

Wendelina van 't Merelsnest (BWP)
International Jumping 1.6m

Darco (BWP) Ambassadeur
International Jumping 1.6m

Lugano van la Roche (Hann)

Lugano I (Hann)
Adlerflut (Hann)

Ocoucha (BWP)

Codex (Holst)
Latoucha (BWP)

Idjaz-C (BWP)

Hedjaz (SF)

Ibrahim (SF) International Jumping
Mirza (SF)

Chiquita (BWP)

Cardinal xx
Jugendnixe (Hann)