Jillbritta MG 7-3-16
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Photos from the UMASS Breed Show. 2nd place 2 year old fillies and won the KWPN IBC.
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)

Jillbritta MG STER (Crespo VDL x Glenridge Keur x Zuidhorn)
2017 First Premium Star Predicate
2014 First Premium KWPN-NA Keuring

Full sister to Hybritta MG who was 2013 KWPN-NA First Premium, High Point Jumper NE Keuring #1 2012 KWPN-NA Top Five Jumper Foal 2012 KWPN-NA First Premium Jumper Foal 1st Place
High Score Young Jumper KPWN-NA 2012 Keuring

This Beautiful black/bay filly born May 15, 2014 by the popular Crespo VDL (Canturo x Cantillo) is sweet and bred to jump.

Jillbritta MG's sire Crespo VDL (Canturo x Cantillo) was approved in 2010. A very well developed stallion. At the public presentation of the stallions, the selection committee said that Crespo VDL proved himself very rideable and gave his riders a good feeling. He moved with abundant suppleness, closed his stride easily, and showed lots of scope.

Crespo VDL brings strong jumping Holsteiner lines for breeding. Sire Canturo is an International Jumper at 1.6 meters. His achievements are impressive: Both 5 and 6 years old CANTURO competed in the finals of the German Young Horse Championships and at the age of 7 in the finals of the World Championships for Young Horses in Zangersheide. At the age of 8 he was victorious and placed in the CSI’s of Vienna, Rome, La Baule and the Swedish Derby in Falsterbo. At the age of 9 CANTURO was victorious in Spruce Meadows and nominated as a participant for the Olympic Games.

The dam of Crespo VDL is a Regional Premium Holsteiner mare who comes from the Holsteiner stam line 474a which produces many approve stallions and international jumpers.

Jillbritta's dam Obertede is a Keur mare imported from Holland. She has produces us both dressage and jumping foals that have done well at the KWPN inspections and breed shows. O'Bert-e-de is by the keur stallion Glennridge who is deceased son of Wellington. Glennridge died young at 11 years old, but we carry on his bloodlines un O'Bert-e-de. Glennridge won his stallion test with scores; walk 9 trot 7.5 canter 8 riding test 7 Free jumping 8.5 Show jumping 89.5 Cross country test 8 Character 8 Training report 8. Glennridge has a breeding value in jumping with the high score of 137! He was a Grand Prix jumping stallion who placed in numerous Grand Prix, World Cups and International Stallion competitions. In 1998 Glennridge was placed 12th in the World Rankings. He tragically died in 1999. For the Record by Glennridge is jumping level 5/1.35 meters in USA with rider Jennifer Rossire. Glennridge is also the sire of Jane Karol's Grand Prix dressage gelding Nibbit. He has produced both jumping and dressage offspring like our mare O'Bert-e-de does.

O'bert-e-de's motherline is the Ritta mareline #15 in Holland.  O'bert-e-de's dam Jorfa is a Keur mare who had the incredible high IBOP riding test score of 90! At 2 years old Jorfa was a UTV mare which is top honors for a mare in Holland indicating they are among the top mares in Holland. She comes from a long established line of Keur and Preferant mares. From this motherline is the approved stallions Triton, Zadok, Akteur, Zenner, Sportman, Theobalo and Zandor.   Famous sires in her line include Zuidhorn, Amor, Marco Polo. Triton's granddam Geroma jumped at international levels. Triton's dam Lydia also produced the famous showjumper Nautilus who jumped the 1991 World Cup Finals.

Crespo VDL

Canturo (Holst)
International Jumping 1.6m

Cantus (Holst)

Caletto I (Holst)
International Jumping

Monoline (Holst)

Fara (Holst)
National Jumping

Calando I (Holst)
International Jumping 1.6m

Ulara II (Holst)

Renaissance (Holst)

International Jumping 1.5m

Cassini I (Holst)
International Jumping 1.6m

Desy (Holst)

Lou Lou I (Holst)

Quidam de Revel (SF)
International Jumping 1.6m

Vanessa III (Holst)
Jumping 1.35m SPS




V. Nimmerdor PREF Sire of the Century


v. Silvano (by Le Mexico)
m. Puissance



V. Le Val Blanc xx
M. Ritta Model Pref

Orfa Ster Pref

V. Marco Polo Pref
M. Sandria Ster Pref