October 2010
Marja (Burggraaf - Pericles xx)Marja (Burggraaf - Pericles xx)

July 2009
Marja (Burggraaf - Pericles xx)Marja (Burggraaf - Pericles xx)
Marja (Burggraaf - Pericles xx)Marja (Burggraaf - Pericles xx)

SOLD Congrats to Linda Mont (MI)

Marja (Burggraaf - Pericles xx - Amor - Doruto )
Chestnut star mare imported from Holland
Owned and Leased from Kearsarge Meadows

Marja is an imported star mare we are leased in 2009/2010 to breed to Navarone. She is a very sweet mare with a beautiful head/eye. She has a lot of power in her gaits with a good shoulder and trot. Her son Venderboy is competing in the young jumpers in Austria and her son Big Ben who is 4 now is just being started under saddle and showing the fantastic temperament/trainability that his Mom has too!

We had a super colt by Navarone by him Finley MG who is a top jumper prospect with Grand Prix bloodlines!

Navarone (Jus de Pomme x Armstrong) Navarone (Jus de Pomme - Armstrong)
Navarone (Jus de Pomme - Armstrong) jumping

Fantastic cross with Navarone. Contact Us if your interested in buying this fabulous imported star mare!

Burggraaf (Holst)

Landgraf I (Holst)

Ladykiller xx

v. Sailing Light xx
m. Lone Beech xx

Warthburg (Holst)

v. Aldato (Holst)
m. Schneenelke (Holst)

Loanda (Holst)

Cor de la Bryere (SF)

v. Rantzau xx (Holst)
m. Quenotte (SF)

Urbine (Holst)

v. Mandarin (Holst)
m. Lisene (Holst)


Pericles xx

Relix xx

v. War Relic xx
m. Bridal Colors xx

Queen of Peru xx

v. Big Game xx
m. Chincona xx


Amor (Holst)

v. Herrscher (Holst)
m. Barba (Holst)

Heresta (Gelderlander)

v. Doruto (Trak) PREF
m. Bresta (Gelderlander)

Marja Offspring

Ralvarja - 1998 mare by Calvados breeding in Holland  
Venderboy - 2002 colt by Phin Phin, competing in jumping for Austria. Ridden by Wolfgang Splitek in 2008  
Big Ben - 2006 colt by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve, owned by Kearsage Meadows (NH). Big Ben is now 3 in 2009 and being broken. Very easy character like his mom. Big Ben
Finley MG - 2010 colt by Navarone (Jus de Pomme x Armstrong) Finley MG (Navarone x Burggraaf)