Miloma (Goodtimes x Dreamstreet - Lucky Boy xx)
1994 Bay Imported KWPN KEUR ELITE Mare
17 Hands

- From All PRESTATIE Motherline
- 2015 Full Sibling- Zedrick Dyloma competing at FEI Int I, 2015 Pan Am Games

- 2000 1st Place KWPN Seacoast, High Point KWPN Mature Horse NEDA
-1997 1st Premium Friesland Drachten Central Keuring
-Performed dressage to level M1 and received her Keur Predicate

Produced Uloma MG by Farrington #1 Elite mare in 2007 KWPN-NA

From the Famous LOMA mare line. KWPN Motherline Report 3-7-16

Gaspard de la Nuit (Ravel x Sir Donnerhall)
Gaspard de la Nuit DG
(Ravel - Sir Donnerhall)

Miloma in foal to Gaspard De La Nuit DG (Ravel x Sir Donnerhall) due May 5, 2016. Presale $8,000. Fantastic proven mare line and mother with this exciting new stallion by the Grand Prix sensation Ravel!

- Plans are to breed to the FEI Dressage Stallion Schroeder in 2016


Miloma was imported from Holland.  Miloma received her Keur predicate through sport with 11 points at M Level dressage with a junior rider. She has been awarded her Elite predicate, which means she passed the same xrays that is required of approved stallions. Her pedigree is incredible starting with her sire Goodtimes by the famous Stallion of the Century Nimmerdor by Farn. Farn is most noted for the mares he produced. Goodtimes is known for al all around producer of both jumping and dressage horses with lots of power and good movement. She also carries blood from the famous Lucky Boy thoroughbred sire, Farnese and Cor de la Bryere.

Miloma carries on the well known fabulous motherline, the Loma line. Miloma comes from an all PRESTATIE Motherline, which means all her mothers have produced at least 3 offspring in upper level of sport. From this motherline comes the approved KWPN stallions Furore (Ahorn), Hattrick (Ahorn), Tenerife VDL (Raphael), Whister (Holland), Simon Bolivar, Troostwyk, Tristan, Bourbon, Mural, Hallreck, Graaf and Kigali (Wolfgang).   Also from this line approved stallions AES: Neapolitan (Lucky Boy xx), Westfalen Al Dente (Aldato), CH: Grandriver (Ahorn) , NRPS/AES Rodrigo (Indorado), NRPS/AES Quasimodo Z (Quidam de Revel), Zangersheide J.Liberato and Liberato II Z (Libero H), Swedish Jeopardy (Edison), Zangersheide Omen (Carthago), AES Voyeur (Tolan van T Riethof), KWPN-NA Jaguar (Nimmerdor), and SBS Osto M (Narcos II), This mareline is known all over the world. In sport there is her full sibling Zedrick Dyloma performing well in dressage FEI I1 at the 2015 Pan Am Games. In the motherline comes many jumpers too like Grand Prix jumpers...Air Jordan ridden by Jeroen Dubbeldam Casador ridden by Laura Hough.

Miloma produced us Uloma ( Farrington ) who as a foal was reserve champion filly and first premium KWPN foal and then as a mature horse #1 2007 KWPN-NA Elite mare in the nation. Uloma competed up to 3rd level dressage and also has her Sport predicate in Dressage. Her full brother Vermouth also was shown successfully in hand at the Breed shows and also a champion colt. She produced the #1 First Premium Foal, Austin by Navarone at the KWPN-NA keuring in RI. In 2009, her foal Basil MG by Lancet was awarded Star at his keuring and was Champion Young Horse of the Florida KWPN-NA keuring. Her 2009 filly Eloma MG (Schroeder) was first premium too. She is proving to be a top producing mare, with top bloodlines and a superb motherline.

Miloma's motherline is not only producing dressage horses. Miloma is a half-sister of the international show jumper Pedro (Corland) and the national jumper Ubitha dy Loma (Indoctro). Through Goodtimes and Dreamstreet the damline goes back to the mare Boloma by Lucky Boy xx. She produced the national jumper Mantana (Glennridge) and also several ZZ-level show jumpers. Besides that, she is the grandam of the Grand-Prix jumper Casadora (Indoctro) owned by Lauren Hough, the national jumping KWPN-stallion Tenerife VDL (Raphael) and the Westfalen selected Al Dente (Aldato).

Miloma has had 3 full siblings that have done well and received first premiums at the foal keurings in Holland. In 2007 her full sister Wabitha Dyloma received her Keur precidate with an overall score of 75.5.


1.6m Jumper
Sire of the Century

Farn (Holst)

V. Fax I (Holst)
M. Dorette (Holst)

Ramonaa STER

V.Koridon xx Erkend
M. Friedhilde II  PREFERENT


Caletto I (Holst)
1.6m Jumper

V. Cor de la Bryere (SF)
M. Deka (Holst)

Krokus (Holst)

V. Wahnfried (Holst)
M. Rugia (Holst)



Ahorn Z (Hann)

V. H. Alme Z (SF) 1.6m Jumper
M. Heureka (Holst) 1.6m Jumper

Thekla (Holst)

V. Farnese 60
M. Ofara 77


Lucky Boy XXA

V. Compromise XXA
M. Sejane XX



Foals by Miloma

Ricardo (show name Regaard) 1998 Gelding by Flemmingh -Now owned by Cassie Sherry, California

Update 3-31-09 from Sherry: "First off, I absolutely adore him!  Finally after all these years and injuries (to both horse and rider) made it to a show on March 21st.  His first show in 2001 and mine since 2005. We just went out there and went for it, and won both our classes in the open division with scores of 65% and 69%. " Congrats to Sherry and keep up the great success!

Ricardo (Flemmingh - Goodtimes) Ricardo (Flemmingh - Goodtimes) Ricardo (Flemmingh x Miloma)

Ricardo (Flemmingh x Miloma)

Uloma MG Keur Elite - 2001 Mare (Farrington x Goodtimes) : born March 5, 2001 out of the imported keur mare Miloma.  This is one of the best mare lines in Holland.  Producing many top stallions and mares.  They don't get much better than this.  Miloma earned her keur predicate through sport at M level dressage.  Uloma's sire Farrington is an oustanding dressage sire and one of only a few sires with the famous Doruto blood.  This filly is strong and athletic.  She shows a lot of power behind, superior movement, gorgeous neck set and shoulder. Uloma was 6th out of 29 foals in the Dutch class in Devon and 1st premuim at the Dutch keuring in 2001.  The KWPN dutch inspector remarked she is very powerful behind, with nice long lines and gaits.  In 2002 she was 1st place of the yearlings and Reserve Champion at the NEDA show for fillies and qualified for the Devon finals.  Uloma had a beautiful foal by Flemmingh and then went back into sport and in 2007 received her Sport predicate in dressage, competing very successfully at 3rd level with many wins. She passed her PROK xrays, received her Keur and then Elite and was named #1 Elite mare in the Top Five for the KWPN-NA keurings nationwide. Now she is part of the Majestic Gaits breeding program and producing her own top foals!

Vermouth - 2002 Colt (Farrington x Goodtimes) Now owned by Paul Cormier (MA).  This fabulous young colt comes out of our Keur Elite mare Miloma and is a full sibling to Uloma.  Vermouth was shown successfully in hand in 2004 by Paul with many ribbons and Championships.  Look for Paul and Vermouth in the dressage shows in the future.

Austin MG - 2005 Colt by Navarone - Born February 3, 2005.  This is a super colt.  Same breeding as Taloma (Navarone x Goodtimes) who was #2 in the Nation at the NAWPN keurings.  Chestnut with star and snip and 2 alternate white socks.  Now owned by Jo Parent. Austin is doing very well in 2007 he was broke under sadde is very easy and showing super talent.

1st Premium 2006 keurings 1st place out of 10 horses.

Austin MG (Navarone x Goodtimes)

Basil MG Star- 2006 Colt by Olympic Lancet- Born March 4, 2006.  Presold to Donna Nita (SC).  Donna already has already have a fabulous bred Flemmingh mare from us Uniblab and came back for more!  This is another special one for her. 

2015 In training with Sylke Hilmer (CA). Offered for sale. 3/7/16 schooling FEI PSG, Intermediare I

2008 Southern Hospitality Dressage Breeding Classic I 1st Place KWPN

2008 Southern Hospitality
Dressage Breeding Classic II 2nd place 2 year old Gelding

2009 Dressage at Lexington 1st place 3 year old Colt, 3rd Championship

2009 Sunshine Classic I 1st place Colt Championship, 2nd place Young Horse Grand Champion, 2nd place 3 year old colt

2009 Sunshine Classic II 2nd place 3 year old colt, 2nd place colt championship, 2nd place Series Final Championship colts

2009 - First Premium and Star and High Point mature horse at the Florida KWPN-NA Keuring. #4 KWPN Gelding in the nation!

Basil MG (Lancet x Goodtimes)
Basil MG (Lancet x Goodtimes) Basil MG (Lancet x Goodtimes)

Dollyloma MG - 2008 Filly by Rascalino (Rotspon x Welten Third) Born March 9, 2008. 4 White socks and a blaze.

KWPN 1st Premium Filly
SOLD Congrats to Mical Duvall (TX)

Swedish Elite Mare and First Premium!

Dollyloma (Rascalinox Goodtimes)Dollyloma (Rascalino x Goodtimes)

Eloma MG - 2009 Filly by Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I) Born April 8, 2009. Bay filly with 2 hind white socks. Another fantastic LOMA line filly top bred for dressage. For sale to a show home. Super for future breeding too.

Received First Premium at the 2009 KWPN-NA Keuring

SOLD Congrats to Melanie Cerny (NH)

Eloma MG (Schroeder - Goodtimes)
Fenway MG 2010 colt by Navarone (Jus de Pomme - Armstrong) Born July 2, 2010. Gorgeous bay colt with big expressive movements and powerful hind leg.

Congrats to Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen (MA)

Fenway MG (Navarone x Goodtimes)

Gingerloma MG 2011 filly by Navarone (Jus de Pomme - Armstrong) Born June 26, 2011

2015 Schooling in eventing in FL
2012 Brookside Breed Show I 1st Place
2012 Brookside Breed Show II 2nd Place
2012 NEDA Fall Show Yearling Filly 1st Place 78.5%, Reserve Champion Filly Championship, Reserve Champion USDF BC Series Final
2012 USDF #8 Nationally, would of placed KWPN USDF #2 in the nation but I didn't get my All Breeds papers into USDF in time. She was turning heads at NEDA Fall Championships!!! So, proud of her on her first year showing!

Congrats to Emily & Johnathan Holmes (NH->FL)

Gingerloma MG (Navarone x Goodtimes)
Kyraloma MG 2015 filly by Navarone (Jus de Pomme - Armstrong) Born May 5, 2015
This fantastic filly is from the famous LOMA lines known all over Holland and the world for producing top sport horses and breeding lines. A very prove cross by Navarone out of the imported Keur mare Miloma. She is full sister to Austin MG who was First Premium and First Place at his Keuring in 2005 and doing great under saddle right now. Also full brother to Fenway MG and USDF winning mare and future eventer Gingerloma MG This is also the same breeding as Taloma also out of the LOMA lines who was #2 in the nation at the Keurings.  This filly is modern, sweet like Navarone and her mother, Miloma, and a super mover like her brothers and sisters. She is very friendly, curious and sweet. We plan to keep this one as a future mare in our program.

Kyraloma MG (Navarone x Goodtimes x Dreamstreet)