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Majestic Gaits is an authorized distributer of the high quality top of the line MVE Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shippers and Storage Containers that you can use for shipping and storing your frozen semen.  We use all these products for our own storage and shipping and can vouch for their quality.   The following items we recommend for our clients.  Dry Shippers come with a 3 year vacuum warranty and Storage containers come with a 5 year vacuum warranty.

Storage: (XC or SC Series) 

If your looking for a storage container to store you semen, there is 2 factors that you need to check into.  How often are you willing to have someone come and replenish your liquid nitrogen and how much semen do you want to store.  The longer the holding time on the tank, the less you will have it replenished.  If your into the tank a lot, then you will also have to fill it more often, so that should be taken into consideration. 

If your a small breeder or small user of frozen semen and want the most amount of holding time for liquid nitrogen and the most value for your $, I suggest the Millenium XC 20.  This holds up to 540 1/2 cc straws (most of the kind that we ship and most people here and in Europe ship) in bulk.  But, really when you put that in goblets and canes and store it in doses like most people do, it is around 48 doses of semen that you can store.  This tank has a holding time of 137 working days.

If you want to store a lot more semen, maybe share with other breeders or your vet, a larger tank is necessary.  We use the XC 43/28.  That holds 1764 1/2 cc straws in bulk (90 doses) and has a holding time of 193 days.

If you are looking for something in between those two choices in price and maybe you don't need as long of a working time, the XC 34/18 holds 864 straws in bulk (about 60 doses) and the holding time of 123 days. 

Here is how the storage tanks look and work.

Here is a price list and comparison chart:


Doses (approx 1/2 cc)

Holding Time



Millenium XC 20



$810 + shipping

XC 34/18



$1138 + shipping

XC 43/28



$1364 + shipping


Measuring Stick

Used to monitor the Liquid nitrogen levels of your tank.

$7.00 + shipping

Roller Base

Tanks should not be stored on concrete or direct on floors as they can corrode or rust.  Full tanks can be heavy and these heavy duty roller bases are super for rolling your tank around.

$237 + shipping

Cryo Gloves (medium length)

Hand protection for handling of liquid nitrogen.

$160 + shipping

Cryo Gloves (elbow length)

For extra protection, an elbow length glove.

$200 + shipping

Dry Shippers

A dry shipper is called that because it will not spill/leak when shipping.  They have an absorbant membrane around the canister that absorbs the liquid nitrogen.  This saves at least $50 when shipping with Fedex and a lot of hassle for everyone.  They are expensive, but worth it if you ship a lot like we do.

 If your getting semen from us, we provide the dry shipper as part of the import costs.  Sometimes when you buy semen you need to to rent the dry shippers to get the semen to you.  Maybe the rental costs will add up enough for those people that you want to invest in one?  These are only meant for transport and not a long term holding tank.  For those you should look at the storage containers above.  Unless you are going to be shipping semen a lot, it is easier to rent these tanks from your semen distributor in your own country.  If you think you want to buy one for importing your own semen.  It is much more cost effective to order a full tank of semen when exporting and this is the reason VDL uses us to distribute for them in the United States.   I will be glad to help you decide if you really need one or not, as these are a significant investment.

First thing I recommend for a dry shipper is you invest in a protective shipping container.  This is a must.  I have had the experience with Fedex trying to ship a container without it.  First the containers are easily broken if dented or bumped.  Even if you have insurance on it with Fedex, they will not cover the container if it is not packed in a protective shipping container.  So, best to protect your investment.

There is 3 dry shippers that I have used and recommend.The SC 4/2V we use a lot to ship from Holland/Sweden and use around the country.  This has a holding time of about 14 days, but I never trust them for much more than a week to be sure.  You can pack them in bulk 280 straws and in canes/tubes about 20 doses (approx). 

The other dry shipper that is a longer holding time 21 days, but holds les 120 straws (10 doses) is the SC 4/3V.  This is good if you are just going to ship around the country and not export a lot and want a longer holding time for less doses.  There is no advantage in price though. 

The 3rd one that we started using this year and we like a lot is the Mini Mover.  This is a lightweight (about 1/2 the weight of the above 2) shipper.  It can hold 60 straws in bulk and about 12 doses in canes/tubes.  This is great for us for shipping as it cuts down the costs of most shipments with Fedex in about $50.  Approximately $175 round trip for Fedex costs vs. about $125 depending upon how far and remote the location you are in.  Holding time is 14 days.

Here is a comparison chart and price list for dry shippers:



Doses (1/2 cc straws stored on canes)

Holding Time




SC 4/2V



14 days

25 lbs full

$978+ shipping

SC 4/3V



21 days

30 lbs full

$978+ shipping

Mini Mover



14 days

15 lbs full

$1268+ shipping


Protective Cover - Small

An essential for every dry shipper to protect your investment!

For SC 4/2V, SC 4/3V

light weight durable plastic

$355 + shipping

Protective Cover - with extra foam for Mini Moover

An essential for every dry shipper to protect your investment!
For Mini Moover

light weight durable plastic with extra foam

$382 + shipping

Here is the insides of a dry shipper and how it works:

Doble Series

The Doble series is a unique combination dry shipper and short term storage tank (wet tank).  It can be used as a dry shipper so you don't have to ship hazardous and endure the extra work and costs of a hazardous shipment and then filled when it arrives to keep the semen around while you breed your mare.  We have used these for rentals for people that don't have any storage, but still need longer term storage with any leftover frozen semen.  They also can be good for those that want to have their semen local during the breeding season and maybe ship off to a long term storage after the breeding season.  The one we use is the Doble-11.  It can hold up to 480 straws in bulk (about 60 doses) or 48 doses stored on canes.  Has a holding time as a dry shipper of 21 days and a holding time as a wet tank up to 42 days.  We also highly recommend if you use this for shipping that you get a protective carton to protect your investment.  These come with a 3 year warranty. The Doble-20 is a heavier shipper, so you will pay more for Fedex.  If your not shipping around too often and need a little more capacity for storage for semen and a longer time before you refill the liquid Nitrogen, consider the Doble-20.

Here is a comparison chart and price list for the Doble Series.


Doses (1/2 cc straws stored on canes)

Holding Time as a Dry Shipper

Holding Time as a Wet Tank

Weight charged full as a Dry Shipper

Weight charged full as a Wet Tank



Doble 11


21 days

42 days

24 lbs

36 lbs

$956+ shipping

Doble 20


21 days

125 days

36 lbs

60 lbs

$970 + shipping


Protective Cover-Doble 11

An essential for every dry shipper to protect your investment! Large protective cover with extra foam

light weight durable plastic

$315 + shipping

Protective Cover-Doble 20

An essential for every dry shipper to protect your investment! Large protective cover

light weight durable plastic

$415 + shipping

If you need further help selecting what you need, call (603)673-4344 or email me and I will be glad to help you out.  You may also call us and order over the phone with a credit card.