Torette R (Silvano x Flemmingh)
4th Place 3 year old National Mares Ermelo, Netherlands
Torette R (Silvano x Flemmingh)
Photo by Todd Melissen

Torette R
Also Accepted for Hanoverian Breeding in 2008
16-3 Hands

2008 NEDA Grand Champion
Torette R (Silvano x Flemmingh)
Photo by Carole MacDonald

2008 New England USDF Series Mare Champion Torette R (Silvano x Flemmingh)
Photo by Carole MacDonald

2008 USDF #2 National Horse of the Year
2008 USDF KWPN-NA #1 National Horse of the Year

El Capone (UB 40 - OO Seven - Saluut)
El Capone (UB 40 - OO Seven - Saluut)

<---Being bred to El Capone (UB 40 x OO Seven x Saluut) in 2016

We bought Torette R from VDL Stud in Holland.  Thanks to VDL for making another super opportunity for a great mare for our breeding program and to complement our existing lines.  Torette was not only 4th of all the Mares in Holland at the famous Paardendagen in Ermelo, but she is also KEUR ELITE, the highest ranking a mare can have before her offspring! She has gone on to be the 2008 NEDA Grand Champion and the USDF New England Mare Champion, along with #2 USDF National Bred Mare Horse of the Year and #1 USDF KWPN-NA Bred Mare Horse of the Year.

The motherline doesn't get much better than this.  Her mother Lorette R is Elite and Preferent and grandmother Dorette is not only Elite but has her Sport predicate in Dressage.  Her great grandmother Zigeunerin is the mother of the approved Stallion Goodtimes.  Also, coming from this mare line (Holsteiner Stam 1795) is the CWHBA approved Hannoverian stallion Sagittarius, Oldenburg approved Stallion Sirius Song, NRPS and AES approved stallion Acapulco Z, AES approved stallion Cezeone, Zwuibrecker approved stallion Nemo 150, HSH/AEH Approved stallion Hampton, Grand Prix jumper Temp VDL (Indoctro) and the full sibling to Goodtimes-Grand Prix jumper Goodtimes Mercedes.

Her sire Silvano N was a Grand Prix jumper before he change to Grand Prix dressage with Ellen Bontjes in Holland.

A full sister of Torette R, Uerette  (Silvano N x Flemmingh) is Star and provisional Keur.  She was bought at the Drachten auciton in 2001 for 20,500 guilders.

See below for the top success of Torette R's offspring!

Silvano N
Grand Prix Jumping
Grand Prix Dressage

Silvester (Holst)
Holsteiner Verband Brazillian Champion

Silbersee (SF)
Jumped 1.6m

Silver Metal xx

Cibelle (SF)

Hallig (Holst)

Fantus (Holst)

Wielen (Holst)

SPS Tropica (Holst)

Latino (Holst)

Ladykiller xx

SPS Imela II (Holst)

Kardina (Holst)

Capitano (Holst)

Edelin (Holst)

Lorette R

Jumped 1.3m

Lacapo (Holst)

Landgraf I (Holst)

Larsa (Holst)

Texas (Holst)

Carneval (Holst)

SPS Ledusa (Holst)

ELITE SPORT (Dressage)
Jumped 1m
Dressage Level 3

Jumped 1.6m

Nimmerdor PREFERENT Sire of the Century Jumped 1.6 m


Mother of approved stallion Goodtimes!

Caletto I (Holst) Jumped 1.6m

Krokus (Holst)

Offspring by Torette R

  Zorette VDL (Don Primero) 2004 filly...if anyone knows more, let me know and email me.

Barette MG STER PROK (Don Primero x Silvano x Flemmingh)

Barette MG Ster PROK IBOP(Don Primero x Silvano x Flemmingh)

Born on March 21st, 2006 in Holland. From the Keur Elite mare Torette R(Silvano x Flemmingh) who was also #4 National KWPN mare in NL.  The filly has a super temperament, powerful hind end and big trot. She wasd Selected and sold at the Prestigious Prinjesdag Auction in Holland.

December 10, 2009, Barette MG participated at the IBOP in Tolbert Holland. She did very well with 76 points. With 70 points for her exterior and 75 points for her movements. And together with the good test they made her STER. The rest results are: Walk: 7.0 Trot: 8.5 Gallop: 7.5 Flexibility: 8.0 Attitude & Balance: 7.5 Rideability: 7.0 Talent as a dressage horse: 7.5 Total : 76 points.

Barette MG is owned by Tess Beerhuizen in Holland who is competing "Baretta" and working on her sport predicate in dressage.

After a break from competions for breeding...
Barette MG competed and won at L1 in Oirschot with 212 and 213 points!

2/13/16 L2 Test 12, 1st Place 219 points
2/13/16 L2 Test 11, 1st Place 211 points

1/15/17 M Level 1st Place!


Carette MG (His Highness x Silvano x Flemmingh) born on March 17, 2007. Wow, were we surprised and pleased with this one. A big beautiful chestnut filly, strong and well put together. The paint fairy had a fun time with this one with a blaze, 3 big white socks and a small one with also an additional triangle inside the hock on the last leg and then belly spots on both sides.

SOLD to Raja Lahti (CA)

2015 Competing FEI PSG 65%

2014 Received her KWPN Sport Predicate, Provisional Star and High Score Dressage Mare

2012 Winner of the 5 year old California Futurity

2011 Del Mar International:
Training Level 77.2% 1st Place
1st Level: 62.4%, 2nd Place

2011 CDS San Diego Summer Show
Training Level 75.2% on Saturday
Training Level 78.4% on Sunday

Dorette (Schroeder x Silvano)

Dorette MG (Schroeder x Silvano x Flemmingh) filly born May 10, 2008. Already doing super at the breed shows. 2nd place 78% at both the Ten Broeck Farm show.

2008 #4 USDF National Horse of the Year
2008 #2 USDF KWPN Filly Horse of the Year
Scored 8's on her conformation!

Competed to 2nd level in 2015 with scores to 67.424%
Owned by amateur rider Linda Muerle

Florette MG (Schroeder x Silvano x Flemmingh)

Florette MG (Schroeder x Silvano x Flemmingh)

Mare born May 3, 2010

2015 NEDA Reserve Champion YEA 78.15%
2015 USDF KWPN-NA #2 National Bred Mare 76.975%
2015 Approved Hanoverian Breeding
2015 UMASS USDF Breed Show, Bred Mare Champion, Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion
2012 #9 USDF Horse of the Year 76.9%
2012 2-Year old Filly Champion and Champion Filly, Ten Broeck Breed Show II
2010 FIRST PREMIUM dressage filly KWPN Keuring

Honourette MG (Carlton Hill x Silvano)

Honourette MG (Carlton Hill x Silvano x Flemmingh) Filly born May 17, 2012. Congrats to Raja Lahti-McMahon (CA)on the prepurchase of this fantastic filly! We look forward to hearing about her success in the dressage ring together as they have been doing with her 1/2 sister Carette MG (His Highness)

SOLD Congrats to Raja Lahti (CA)
Been growing up in Indiana and starting under saddle.

2012 KWPN-NA Keuring First Premium!

Jordan MG (Dante MG x Silvano x Flemmingh)Jordan MG (Dante MG x Silvano x Flemmingh)

Jordan MG (Dante MG x Silvano x Flemmingh)
Colt born April 14, 2014

SOLD Congrats to Debra Sue Brice (OH)

Look for them in the breed shows and at South Lane Farm in Ohio!

Jordan MG (Dante MG x Silvano x Flemmingh)

Karrington MG (Farrington x Silvano x Flemmingh)
Colt born July 14, 2015

Not for sale, growing up at Majestic Gaits for a stallion prospect. If not a fantastic sport horse for sure!