(Oscar - Apollonios xx - Lt. Generaal)
Approved: KWPN, Studbook Number: 02.00118, Predicate: STB
Born: 2001 , Color: Bay, Height: 1.68m (16-3)

Uphill (Oscar - Apollonios xx)
Uphill (Oscar - Apollonios xx)


Uphill is a fantastic new dressage stallion line for the KWPN Dutch Warmbloods here in America! He has a good character and loves to work.

He was 4th in his approvals in 2004, with scores of walk 8.5, trot 8, canter 7.5 and dressage potential 8. In the report from the 70 day test in 2004, Uphill is described as a very energetic and trustworthy stallion who is very willing to work, and allows himself to be worked. The walk is pure and has good scope. The trot has good scope, good impulsion and this stallion shows more than sufficient suppleness and self-carriage. The canter is big and has more than sufficient impulsion. The stallion shows more than sufficient balance. Uphill has more than sufficient talent for dressage and gives his rider a more than sufficient to good feeling.

In 2008, Uphill was KNHS Indoor Nederlands Champion at advanced medium  dressage in Roosendaal with rider Emmelie Scholtens. His breeding value in 2008 was 190!

Uphill's sire Oscar presented an eye-catching collection of foals and from his first crop two of his sons have been invited to take the 70 day grading test.  In 2010, an Oscar son was ch champion of the stallion selections. Oscar himself, just like his half brother Kimberley, both are descendants from the famous Rania-stam.

Uphill's dam Naomi Ceroon is a good moving mare. A full brother of this mare competes at advanced dressage, as do many of the offspring from this maternal line.

Uphill's foal report says...A uniform collection of well developed foals with plenty of length in the leg, which are true to dressage type. The foals move easily and correctly, with a good use of the hind leg. Uphill has already produced an approved KWPN son Briljant (Uphill x Darlington). In 2010, Carlton Hill (Uphill x Vincent) was #4 in the Stallion selections. Owned by VDL Stud. Uphill has had 7 stallions selected for the 70 day test.

Uphill is a fantastic new KWPN line for America and one to breed to for the future in dressage.

Uphill as a 3 year old at the stallion selections..

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Fax I (Holst)
Dorette (Holst)


Eratosthenes xx
Dulukka (Gelders)



Upper cut xx PREFERENT


Courville xx PREFERENT
Berania STER

Naomi Ceroon

Apollonios xx

Lombard xx

Agio xx
Promised Lady xx

Amethysta xx

Gulf Pearl xx
Anatevka xx


Luitenant Generaal
PSG Dressage

Cartoonist xx


Commandant (Gelders)
Zidalsa (Gelders)

Uphill's KWPN Foal Evaluation
(Thanks to Silvia Monas at the KWPN-NA helping to translate)

Uphill showed an uniform group well developed, long-legged foals with a good riding type model. The head is expressive. The poll varies in length. The neck is long and vertical. The shoulder has good length and position. Once in a while the back is hollow (or weak). The loins are strong and well connected. The croup varies from sloping to straight and has good length. The foreleg has correct position. The hindleg is mostly correct, sometimes long. The walk is pure and has sufficient scope? The trot is big and is shown with much front. The hind leg bends actively but should sometimes be carried more. The canter has good scope but should be more supple.

In short: Well developed, long-legged foals with riding type build. The croup varies from sloping to straight. The foals move easily with scope, and they make front.  The hindleg bends actively but should sometimes be carrie more. Uphill seems to fit mares that lack expression and that have a horizontal neck. The stallion can add self-carriage in movement. The collection consisted of nine foals picked by the KWPN and two selected by the owner. One of the picked foals died and another foal was substituted and inspected at home. This foal fit in with the others. The foals selected by the owner also fit in with the others. The foals were presented on sand.
The mares were well-developed.
Shown: 11 (+1) foals out of 41 mares bred in 2004.

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