VDL Frozen Semen Thawing Instructions

Water Bath (max 2 liter) with wide neck (Temp = 37 degree C)
Pair of scissors
Pair of fine pliers
Liquid nitrogen container, containing the dose of semen.  Note that each collection dose has a different number of straws per insemination.  Your shipment should have come with paperwork that tells you the number of straws for you to use for each dose.  If you do not have this, contact us or VDL Stud.
15 ml tubes
20 ml syringes
Insemination pipette
Clean Paper Towels

Thawing Procedure:
Have the mare ready and stand-by for insemination.
Place the liquid nitrogen container as close as possible to the Water Bath.  Place thermometer into the Water Bath and make sure temperature is at 37 degrees C.
Take one straw out of the visotube with a pair of pliers and put it quickly (with the sealed side up)into the 37 degree C. Water Bath.
Put the straws one at a time into the Water Bath.  Do not put the straws in at the same time.
Start the stopwatch after the last straw.  After 30 seconds, take the straws out and dry them off with a clean paper towel.
Cut the sealed side and put the straw upside down in a 15 ml pre-warmed tube (37 degree C).  Cut the other size off and the straw will empty itself inside the pre-warmed tube.
Empty the other straws the same way.
Fill the insemination pepette by introducing the pipette into the pre-warmed tube and sucking the semen into the pipette.
Inseminate the mare immediately.  Be sure to inseminate your mare on the right moment!  We recommend within 6 hours of post ovulation, but the closer to ovulation, the better chane you ahve for a pregnancy.
WARNING:  Do not keep the frozen semen canister in the nitrogen tank longer than 8 seconds above the liquid nitrogen or the semen will be damaged.  Have all your materials very clean, better sterilized.

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