Wittinger VDL
(Indoctro - Nimmerdor - Nabuur - Le Val Blanc - Sineada)

Approved: KWPN, Studbook Number: 03.05496, Predicate: STB
Born: March 29, 2003, Color: Dark Bay, Height: 165cm (16-2 hands)

Wittinger (Indoctro x Nimmerdor)montreal jumping

Wittinger’s fatherline consist of stallions that have proven themselves in jumper breeding. The Preferent stallion Indoctro is famous all over the world.

Dam of Wittinger, the ‘Keur Preferent’ mare Irusa, who scored very well at her mare test, has a fantastic canter and scored an 8 for jumping. Two full sisters of Wittinger also showed their great canter and jumping ability in the test. The selected stallion Vyruso H, who was in the top 5 of the final at the stallion selections, is bred from Wittinger’s sister Pyrusa H. The full sister of Wittinger’s mother produced the Grand Prix jumper Kimber.

Grandmother is the ‘Keur Preferent’ mare Carusa, she is a full sister to the Grand Prix horse Grand Star, who is an approved stallion in the USA. Carusa produced the 1.30 jumper Porusa H. Great Grandmother Varusa, ‘Keur and Preferent’ mare produced the 1.30 jumper Haruso and the approved Grand Prix jumper Grand Star. Dam of this whole breeding family is the Sineada daughter Sarusa, who produced five international jumpers and a Prix St. George dressage horse.

Wittinger was Champion of the 70 day testing for jumper stallions of his age-group. He scored for his very good canter, scope and potential as a jumper a 9. He has a very good technique and has a canter with lots of power, balance and suppleness.

In the Stallion competition Wittinger strikes everyone with his canter, scope and technique of jumping. He jumped all the qualification rounds clear and placed very high several times, he placed 4th in Hengelo and Roosendaal.

His first foals are well developed foals. Wittinger passes his powerful hind leg and good use of the front leg to them. His daughter Cyberlina H placed 10th in the final of the Dutch foal Championship.

Expected Breeding Value: 161.

Wittinger: The number one jumper stallion of his age group from a proven mare line.

Jumped 1.40m

Capital I (Holst)

Capitano (Holst)

Corporal (Holst)

Retina (Holst)

Folia (Holst)

Maximus (Holst0

Vase (Holst)

Vanessa VII (Holst)
stam 7299

Caletto II (Holst)

Cor de la Brere (Holst)

Deka (Holst)

Orgesch (Holst)

Calypso I (Holst)

Iris (Holst)


Stallion of the Century

Farn (Holst)

Fax I



Koridon xx

Friedhilde II



Uppercut xx



Le Val Blanc xx


Offspring of Wittinger
Canieta (Wittinger x Burggraaf)
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Canieta (Wittinger VDL - Burggraaf PREF - Voltaire PREF)

2007 imported filly selected by VDL Stud.


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