Zavall VDL
(Casall - Emilion - Cor de la Bryere - Alme Z)

Approved: KWPN, Hann , Studbook Number: 04.11187, Predicate: STB
Born: July 10, 2004, Color: Bay, Height: 166cm (16-2 hands)

Zavall (Casall - Emilion x Cor de la Bryere  - Alme Z)
Zavall (Casall - Emilion x Cor de la Bryere  - Alme Z)
Zavall (Casall - Emilion x Cor de la Bryere  - Alme Z)

Zavall VDL is sired by Casall who is at the moment, very successful at Grand Prix level with Rolf Goran Bengtsson. Grandsire is the ‘Keur’ stallion Emilion who was a World Cup winner and produced winners at the Grand Prix level such as Glasgow, Ukinda, VDL Emmerton and many more. Then we also find two stallions in Zavall’s pedigree that are on the base of most jumper breeding, Cor de la Bryere and Alme. They produced horses like: Caletto I and II, Corrado, Corland, Jalisco and Galoubet.
Zavall VDL’s mother line is a proven Hannoverian line, who also produced the Grand Prix winner and approved stallion Orame as well as the international jumpers Dorena II, Haleska, Mr.Itt and Zetor.
Zavall VDL’s half brother Merlin, ridden by Jeffrey Welles, was Champion of the 5 year old horses on the East Coast of the USA. Zavall VDL’s dam is the ‘Elite’ mare Remilia, who did a good IBOP test and she is a daughter of the ‘Keur’ mare Evita.

Zavall VDL scored well in the 70 day stallion testing for his jumping and his gaits. He scored very well for his reflexes on the fence and the way he uses his body.
In the stallion competition he is doing very well. He received 1st place in Deurne, 4th places in Hengelo and Zuidbroek and 5th place in Roosendaal.

The first offspring of Zavall are very promising. He received a good foal report and his daughter Darlinde DN was Reserve Champion of the jumper bred foals in the Final of the National Foal Championship.

Expected breeding value: 157.

Zavall VDL: Interesting pedigree and performance

Casall (Holst)
Jumped 1.60m

Caretino (Holst)
Jumped 1.60m

Caletto II (Holst)

Cor de la Bryere (SF)

Deka (Holst)

Isidor (Holst)

Metellus (Holst)

Corbala (Holst)

Kira XVII (Holst)

Lavall I (Holst)
Jumped 1.60m

Landgraf I (Holst)

Madam (Holst)

Maltia (Holst)

Raimond (Holst)

Duldige (Holst)


Jumped 1.60m

Jumped 1.60m

Stallion of the Century
Jumped 1.60m



Farnese (Holst)

Fiance (Holst)


Cor de la Bryere (Holst)

Rantzau xx

Quenotte (SF)

Alouette (Hann)

Alme Z Jumped 1.60m

Falkenehre SPS

Offspring by Zavall

Eldorado MG (Zavall - Indorado - Marlon) Bay Colt, born March 11, 2009 in Holland

Congrats to VDL Stud in Holland on their purchase of Eldorado MG!


Eldorado MG (Zavall - Indorado)
4-2-09 Picture! VDL has taken Eldorado MG now to 3 stallion shows to show him off!

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