Zirocco Blue VDL
(Mr. Blue - Voltaire - Le Tot de Semilly)

Approved: KWPN, Hann, Studbook Number: SF 043757, Predicate: KEUR
Born: July 7, 2004, Color: Grey, Height: 168cm (16-2.5 hand

Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping
Zirocco Blue Jumping

 Zirocco Blue’s sire, Mr. Blue, was successful at the highest level of sport (Grand Prix and World Cups). Maternal grand sire of Zirocco Blue is the ‘Preferent’ stallion Voltaire, himself an international level jumper. Below Voltaire in the pedigree are the five best stallions of the Selle Francais studbook, whose offspring include Diamant de Semilly, Quidam de Revel, Alme, etc. 

Zirroco Blue’s dam, Licorne des Forets, competed at the international 1.50 m level and his granddam, Gekas des Forets, not only competed at 1.40m level but was also the ‘most winning’ 6-year old in France. Great-granddam Rapsodie II also competed at 1.40m level and is full sister to the approved stallion and Grand Prix horse Stew Boy. This dam line has produced several approved stallions, national jumpers and international jumpers. 

Wherever Zirocco Blue competes he all eyes are upon him with his scope and jumping style and efficiency. Under Jur Vrieling he has achieved several very impressive international results. Last year he won the World Cup of Oslo, the Grand Prix’s of Melsomvik and Geesteren, the Masters in Mechelen and the Grand Prix of KWPN Stallion Show. With all these victories he has won three cars! In 2013, Zirocco Blue won the Grand Prix and Nations Cup at Copenhagen, the Nations Cup of Gijon and the Grand Prix at Vestfold. In Den Bosch he won soundly the VHO Trophy of 2012. In 2015 he already won the Grand Prix of Vestfold. 

Thanks to his great performances Zirocco Blue is a member of the Olympic ‘Kader’ and the foundation Nederlands Olympiade Paard (N.O.P.) has secured him for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Now Zirocco Blue carries the letter N.O.P. in his name indicating this honored accomplishment. 

Zirocco Blue’s first offspring made their debuts in the international young horse classes. Light Blue del Pietriccio won classes for six year olds in Arezzo, Ella Sandra G won the five year olds in Mijas, and Dorludine won the six year old in Manerbio. Dirocco B handily won classes at WEF Wellington and Delvecchio won, as a five year old, three classes in Vilamoura As a six year old he placed several times. Dior and Donjo, also were placed in international young horse classes as five and six year olds. Blom’s Dora was third in the final of the Youngster Tour in Zuidwolde. In 2013 Dimitrie VDL took fifth in the final of the World Chamionships for five year olds and Ever Blue ended up fourth in the VION Cup for four year olds. 

His foals are doing well. Jayden became Champion of Provincial Foal Show of Brabant and ended up 13th in the final of the National Foal Championship. Julio became Champion in Harich and several foals were reserve Champion of their region: Jacrco MP of Overijssel, Jekita K of Zuid-Holland, Jolly Blue of Zeeland and J of Limburg. In 2013 Ilavsca-Deux Fortuna placed fourth, Isurusa ninth and Iwanho Kt eleventh in the final of the Dutch Foal Chamionship. Gracia was Champion of the three year old mares in Noord-Brabant and Geniene was reserve Champion of Zeeland. 

Geisha M and Emy Arwena both received 80 points in the EPTM test. Gurusa scored 81 points in the IBOP. Ely VDL was the top scorer in the IBOP of 2012 with 89 points. Grapjas ended up fourth in the final of the VSN Trophy. 

Jumping index: 146. 

Zirocco Blue: Does it both - Sport and Breeding! 

International results VDL Zirocco Blue N.O.P. 
1st Masters Mechelen 2014 
1st WC Oslo 2014 
1st GP Geesteren 2014 
1st GP Melsomvik 2014 
1st GP KWPN Hengstenkeuring 2014 
1st GP Kopenhagen 2013 
1st Nations Cup Copenhagen 2013 
1st Nations Cup Gijon 2013 
1st VHO trophy 2012 
2nd 1.55m Lausanne 2014 
2nd 1.50m London 2014 
2nd WC Warschau 2013 
3rd GP Falsterbo 2014 
3rd Championship of Rotterdam 2013 
3rd 1.50m Indoor Brabant 2013 
3rd 1.50m Verona 2013 
3rd 1.40m Helsinki 2013 
4th WC Helsinki 2014 
5th Nations Cup Falsterbo 2014 
5th GP Melsomvik 2014 
6th GP London 2013 
6th GP Maastricht 2013 
6th GP Geesteren 2013 
7th 1.55m Rotterdam 2014
8th GP Rome 2014 
8th GP Gijon 2013 
et cetera 

Mr. Blue
Jumped 1.60m

International Jumper


Lucky Boy xx KEUR PREF

Durena PREF



Rosalinda STER



Inschallah x

Gamene III (OLD)


Joost (Holst) PREF

Ekarla PREF

Licorne Des Forets (SF)
National Jumper

Jumped 1.60m

Furioso II (OLD)

Furioso xx

Dame de Ranville (SF)

Gogo Moeve (Hann)

Gotthard (Hann)

Mosaik (Hann)

Gekas des Forets (SF)
International Jumper

Le Tot de Semilly (SF)

Grand Veneur (SF)

Venue du Tot (SF)

Rapsodie II (SF)

Jalisco B (SF)

Mayflower III (SF)

Offspring of Zirocco Blue

Foal by Zirocco Blue Erelena VDL Zirocco Blue x Ahorn, 3rd place National Foal Keuring 2009
Foal by Zirocco Blue  
Foal by Zirocco Blue Dior Foal Champion Central Keuring Friesland
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