(Silvano N - Goodtimes - Ahorn Z - Ronald - Cor de la Bryere - Anblick xx)

Approved: KWPN, Hannoverian, Swedish, SWANA, Studbook Number: 97.02994, Predicate: STB
Born: 1997, Color: Bay, Height: 168cm (16-2 hands)

Prestige was approved for Dutch breeding by the KWPN on April 2, 2003.  Prestige is already approved in Sweden.  His first foal crop in Sweden in 2002 proved to be fantastic foals doing well at the shows with good character and temperament.  He crosses bestwell lighter mares that need good bone.

Almost 100% Holstein bred Dressage Stallion, with a good front end and powerful gaits.

His sire, Silvano N, has been successful for years with Ellen Bontje at the highest level of the dressage sport and is the stallion that won the most medals in the Dutch, European, World Championships and Olympic Games. His son Scarlatti, was successful in the Grand Prix of Milan.

In the sire line we find all-purpose breeding stallions such as Good Times, Cor de la Bryere and Anblick xx, who also sired many good dressage horses like Lucky Times, Corlandus and Venetia. In the dam line we see Ahorn Z and Ronald, both of which always guarantee quality.

Out of this Holstein line, number 456, are found many approved stallions and excellent performing horses like Rigoletto, Capo, Cabinet I, Cabinet II, Lambado, Milano and Freestyle, who won the Grand Prix in Aachen.

Prestige became Champion of the Stallion Test in Sweden at the age of 3, with the following points for the basic gaits: 8 - 8 - 10. He received, from the Fremdruiters, a score of 9 for gaits and a 9 for his dressage capacity. At the age of 5, he received the 6th place in the finals of the Breeders Trophy and won all five qualifications. At the age of 7 he became Champion of Z-dressage Stallion Competition.

His foals have a lot of front and size, they move uphill and with a lot of power from the hindleg with a strong canter.

In Sweden his son Avensis became 9th in the National Championship for 3-years old horses. This year his son Phentagon is approved by the Swedish Studbook. Prestige has a great front and powerful gaits, something we need in dressage breeding.

Dressage Index: 142.

Prestige: A Dressage Stallion for front, size and powerful gaits.

Silvano N (Holst)
International Dressage & Jumping

Silvester (Holst)

Silbersee (Holst)
Jumped 1.60m

V. Silver Matall xx
M. Cibelle (Holst)

Hallig II (Holst)

V. Fantus (Holst)
M. Wielen (Holst)

Tropica (Holst)

Latino (Holst)

V. Ladykiller xx
M. Imela II (Holst)

Kardina H (Holst)

V. Capitano (Holst)
M. Edelin (Holst)



Stallion of the Century
Jumped 1.60m

M. Ramonaa STER


V. Caletto I
M. Krokus (Holst)


Ahorn-Z (Hann)

V. Alme, Jumped 1.60m
M. HEUREKA-Z (Hann), Jumped 1.60m

Sonnenblume (Holst)

V. Ronald (Holst)
M. Kornblume (Holst)

2004 Prestige Offspring


Congrats to Prima Equestrian of Canada on the first Prestige foal born in America!  This new Prestige filly Zolette is out of their imported Keur mare Odette N (Houston x Ramiro x Marco Polo).

WOW!  I'll take one of those!  She is sold!  Contact Michelle for possible presales for next year or maybe you'd like to breed a special Prestige offspring for yourself?

Congrats to the new owners, Dr. J.D. Graham, Rosamund Graham and Carolyn Couenen.

Aragorn A Prestige colt Born Feb 18 2005 out of our Keur mare Obertede by Glenridge.

Zolette (Prestige x Houston) Bred and owned by Michelle Bartlett, Prima Equestrian in Canada.

Prestige II TG (Prestige - Wanroij) Prestige II TG (Prestige - Wanroij) 2008 colt registered Swedish Warmblood. Bred and owned by Team Gaughin (CA). Received 47 point Class 1 foal at his foal inspection with SWANA!

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