Majestic Gaits Mares
These mares are what has helped us be 2012 #1 USEF Sporhorse Breeder in the Country, 2012 KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year and producing #1 in the nation KWPN-NA Jumpers and a KWPN-NA Gold Level Breeder!
Majestic Gaits has Top KWPN Marelines! Our mares are highly rated Keur, Elite, Sport and/or Champions. While stallions are very important and have a big impact on the breeding industry, mares are the most important factor in breeding. We have imported the best marelines from Holland and provide here at home in the USA top international bred dressage and jumping horses. Our mares are top athletes, super characters, strong hind legs and from top marelines. They are producing very special offspring that are winning at the keuring, breed shows, sport and rating top in the nation. Their offspring are in high demand. Reserve yours now! Click on the mares pictures or name for details on the mare and all her offspring. You don't have to go to Europe to find a nice foal anymore!
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2017 Foaling Mares - Click on any of the pictures or mare's names for more information and to see their offspring.
tamora trot
Tamora Keur (Flemmingh - Ahorn)

2000 Keur 16-3 Bay Mare (Flemmingh - Ahorn - Creool)
Imported from Holland in 2007

We have sadly dealt with bad uterine infections that will not clean up, so we have only ICSI options.

Marcato MG (Hennessy x Flemmingh x Ahorn) - colt born Sept 15, 2017.  He will remain in MI until weaning and then will bring him home.  Maybe will try again in 2018.  Really wanted that keeper filly!  But, this colt is spectacular!

Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I)
Hennessy (Deniro - Jazz)
2018 Foaling Mares - Click on any of the pictures or mare's names for more information and to see their offspring.

Torette R (Silvano x Flemmingh)
Torette R Elite (Silvano - Flemmingh)

Torette R
(Silvano N - Flemmingh - Wellington)
2000 KEUR ELITE 16-3 Bay mare
Imported from Holland in 2006
#4 Mare National Mare of all of Holland in Ermelo
2008 NEDA Grand Champion
2008 USDF New England Series Mare Champion
2008 USDF Bred Mare #2 Horse of the Year
2008 USDF KWPN-NA #1 Mare

Confirmed in foal to Hennessey (Deniro x Jazz) ---->,
due March 25, 2018
Presale Available $10,000

Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I)
Hennessy (Deniro - Jazz)

Miloma Keur Elite (Goodtimes x Dreamstreet)
Miloma Elite (Goodtimes - Dreamstreet)

(Goodtimes - Dreamstreet)
1994 Imported 17-0 KEUR ELITE Mare
KWPN Motherline Report 3-7-16

- From All PRESTATIE Motherline
- 2015 Full Sibling- Zedrick Dyloma competing at FEI Int I, 2015 Pan Am Games

- Produced #1 Keur Elite Sport Dressage mare Uloma MG
- 2000 1st Place KWPN Seacoast, High Point KWPN Mature Horse NEDA

-1997 1st Premium Friesland Drachten Central Keuring
-Performed dressage to level M1 and received her Keur Predicate

Confirmed in foal to Gaspard de la Nuit DG ----->
Due April 12, 2018
Presale Available $8,000

Gaspard de la Nuit (Ravel x Sir Donnerhall)
Gaspard de la Nuit DG
(Ravel - Sir Donnerhall)
Eeyanette RGS (Veron x Accord II x Ahorn) Eeyanette RGS (Veron x Accord II) Eeyanette RGS
Star Provisional Keur
2009 Bay Mare
(Veron - Accord II - Ahorn)
- Received prestigous Gert van de Veen award!!!
- 2014 #1 KWPN Top 5 Mare, Star and Provisonal Keur Clarion Farm Keuring
- 2009 First Premium First in Class at the KWPN-NA Keuring at Apple Lane Farm.
- Site Champion High Score Jumper.
- #2 (Top 5) KWPN-NA Jumper foal in the Nation!!!

Confirmed in foal to Zapatero VDL(Chin Chin - Ircolando) ---->
Due May 12, 2018. Will be full sibling to 1st premium foal Lynette MG!
2018 Foal is PRESOLD
Zapatero VDL (Chin Chin x Ircolando)
Zapatero (Chin Chin - Ircolando)
Florette MG (Schroeder x Silvano x Flemmingh)
Florette MG (Schroeder - Silvano)
Florette MG
(Schroeder - Silvano - Flemmingh)
2010 Bay Mare
2015 NEDA Reserve Champion YEA 78.15%
2015 USDF KWPN-NA #2 National Bred Mare 76.975%
2015 Approved Hanoverian Breeding
2015 UMASS USDF Breed Show, Bred Mare Champion, Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion
2012 #9 USDF Horse of the Year 76.9%
2012 2-Year old Filly Champion and Champion Filly, Ten Broeck Breed Show II
2010 FIRST PREMIUM dressage filly KWPN Keuring
From the fantastic motherline of the famous stallion Goodtimes!
Sire is the FEI Grand Prix stallion Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)!

Maestoso MG (Glamourdale x Schroeder) born 4-28-17, gorgeous colt. Congrats to buyer Kristina Anderson (NY)

Confirmed in foal to Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) --->
Due May 24, 2018
2018 Foal is PRESOLD.

Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale – Negro – Ahorn)
Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale - Negro)
Hybritta MG (Crespo x Glennridge)
Jillbritta MG (Crespo VDL x Glenridge)
Jillbritta MG
STAR, First Premium KWPN-NA
2014 Black/Bay Mare
Crespo VDL x Glennridge x Zuidhorn
Jillbritta is the full sister of  #1 Top 5 filly Hybritta MG! Fabulous motherline, from the dam of our approved stallion Dante MG!

In foal to Impressive VDL (Douglas - Contender) ---->
Due June 4, 2018
Presale Available $8,000

Impressive VDL
Impressive VDL (Douglas - Contender)
Tercordia (Marlon x Acordd II)
Tercordia (Marlon - Acord II)

Tercordia Keur Elite (Marlon - Acord II)
From the famous Holsteiner Stamm 1907
A new book is out in Holland on Famous mare lines...Tercordia is in there!
Mother of Acordia Keur, high point jumping at her mare test in Holland and #1 KWPN-NA jumper filly in the nation Fraucordia MG
2010 produced the #1 KWPN-NA jumper filly in the nation.

Fabulous filly by Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) born. Congrats to Liz Caron on her new filly.

Confirmed in foal to Glenfiddich VDL ----> Due July, 2018
Presale Available $8,000 or purchase this Mare in Foal for $20,000

Glenfiddich VDL (Barcardi VDL - Corrado I - Nimmerdor)
Glenfiddich ( Bacardi VDL - Corrado Z - Nimmerdor)
Tamarinde (Jazz x Pretendent)
Tamarinde (Jazz - Pretendent - Lorenz)
(Jazz - Pretendent - Lorenz)
Keur, Sport (Dressage),
Top 5 KWPN-NA mare #4

This mare is the sweetest mare with a great work ethic.

Just working on getting her in foal!

Valanta (Goodtimes x Houston)
Valanta Elite (Goodtimes - Houston)

Valanta Keur Elite (Goodtimes - Houston - Kodario)
2002 16-3 Imported Dark Bay Mare
From the famous RANTA mare line. Same as Grand Prix horse VDL Oranta and many other top sport horses.
Produced #1 mare in the nation Dalanta MG!
Produced many 1st premium foals!

Not in foal for 2018. Will breed to Hennessy in 2018 2019 Foal is presold.

Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I)
Hennessy (Deniro - Jazz)
Uloma MG (Farrington x Goodtimes)
Uloma Elite (Farrington - Goodtimes)

Uloma MG
(Farrington KEUR - Goodtimes)
2001 KEUR Elite Bay Mare Sport Dressage Mare

- 2007 #1 Elite KWPN-NA mare
- Many Breed Show and Dressage Championships!
- 2015 Champion Non Hanoverian Mare, UMASS Inspection 2015

- From the famous LOMA mare line in Holland

Not in foal. Will try again in 2018 with Hennessy.

Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I)
Hennessy (Deniro - Jazz)

Falanta MG (Westpoint x Goodtimes x Houston)
Falanta MG (Westpoint - Goodtimes)

Falanta MG
Westpoint - Goodtimes x Houston)
2010 dark bay mare bred by Majestic Gaits from the famous champion sire and FEI Grand Prix competitor Westpoint (Jazz - Michelangelo) out of our amazing imported Elite mare Valanta. Falanta MG wows everyone that sees her and when they see her move, the jaws drop. She has the WOW!

In training with Liz Caron/Carbery Fields Farm (CT)

2014 NEDA Breed Show Material Champion
2014 Centerline Events Spring @ Hits I 1st place Young Horse TOC
2014 Carbery Fields Farm I USDF Mare Champion
2014 Carbery Fields Farm I USDF show Grand Champion
2014 Carbery Fields Farm II Materiale Champion
2014 Carbery Fields Farm II Mature Horse Champion
2014 Centerline Events @ Hits II 1st place Training Level 3
2010 Ten Broeck Breed Show 81.2% and Champion Foal
2010 KWPN Keuring 1st premium, 2nd place dressage foals
2010 NEDA Fall Championships Champion KWPN IBC and Trophy Winner!

Mares in Sport/Future Breeding - Click on the mare's pictures or names for further information.
Kyraloma MG (Navarone x Goodtimes x Dreamstreet)
Kyraloma MG (Navarone - Goodtimes)

Kyraloma MG
(Navarone - Goodtimes - Dreamstreet)
2015 Bay filly bred by Majestic Gaits from the famous LOMA line. A proven cross who will carry on in her mother's breeding footsteps Miloma

Watch for her in the breed and future dressage shows!

2015 Keuring 1st Premium

Will be ready for breeding in 2018.

Previous Marelines Used at Majestic Gaits
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